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(49) Bill I
Mon, 23 February 2015 13:15:28 +0000
Country:  USA   Visit date:   

We had a great time! A huge highlight was hanging out with Kenia. You guys did a really good job with meals, tours and accommodations. We appreciated the flexibility and hope to visit again. Thanks!

(Now get out there and hide some geocaches)
(48) Rebecca F
Tue, 17 February 2015 17:24:42 +0000
Country:  Canada   Visit date:   

Being a student (IE cheap), having a full-time guide/driver was not something I ever thought I & my family could afford but lo & behold I felt it worth every dime.
I felt truly privileged to stay with a Costa Rican family & get a full experience while also having someone that can appreciate & accommodate our preferences & dietary needs.
To anyone considering whether or not a private guide is something for you (like I was 6 months ago), I promise they won't kidnap you, or laugh at your budget or tell you they don't allow vegetarians in Costa Rica. You will have an amazing time & feel like family.
I can't wait to be back with kids :)
(47) Druscilla F
Tue, 27 January 2015 02:27:42 +0000
Country:  USA   Visit date:    email

Henry & Michelle - Thank you for the attention you gave to our group during our visit to Costa Rica. Your attention to our needs, large or small -dietary needs, medical, foods - interpreting were without equal. You made the trip to Costa Rica all that I had hoped for. The bungalows were like being in Paradise the view from the windows, the tropical sounds took me away from the cares of daily life. It was truly calming. The trip to the Falls got my heart racing however. Thanks again.
(46) Hazel
Mon, 26 January 2015 23:43:58 +0000
Country:  USA   Visit date:    email

Henry & Michelle - I want to thank you for the wonderful time we had during our long awaited trip to Costa Rica. I have to mirror the comments of others regarding your knowledge of Costa Rica from the customs to the land, the variety of plant and animal life. There is so much to do in Costa Rica and we had so little time. Your suggestion even of which beach area was best to go to shows your knowledge of what best suits the traveler's preferences as well as the choice of hotels outside of the bungalows. The bungalows gave us a taste of true tropical rainforest life.
(45) Elizabeth & Juan M.
Thu, 25 December 2014 03:58:46 +0000
Country:  USA   Visit date:    email

Henry and Michelle, thank you so much for being part of our amazing and quite memorable vacation to Costa Rica! It was one of our most desired vacations and using your services made it even better. Your knowledge about the Country and your suggestions on how to best enjoy our stay was much appreciated. Thanks for being our personal tour guide and showing us up close and personal the wonders of your country, from different plants to the most unique and exotic animals. We truly enjoyed every moment with you Michelle and of course sweet Kenia. We will never forget your hospitality and your fantastic sense of humor. We laughed so much and felt right at home. Henry, as a final note we really appreciated your prompt response to all our inquiries and patience in explaining our concerns throughout the process of planning our vacation. Anyone using your services would be satisfied. Muchas Gracias, PURA VIDA!!
(44) Suzie
Tue, 23 December 2014 18:23:06 +0000
Country:  USA   Visit date:   

I've always heard Costa Rica was beautiful, once I arrived I really did get to see how beautiful Costa Rica really was from the people, to food and scenery. I'm very happy that my family and I got book with AAA tours. Michelle and Henry and Kenya are so sweet and nice they made the experience even better, I'm very grateful that we got to experience Costa Rica w an awesome tour guides and great arrangements to be able to experience the true Costa Rica... Pura vida. I would recommend again and already have to a few people who are thinking of going. Thanks for everything!
(43) Bob & Linda H
Tue, 4 November 2014 18:50:15 +0000
Country:  USA   Visit date:    email

Our adventure to Costa Rica could not have been more enjoyable. We were traveling with friends of like faith and interests so Henry and Michelle were a perfect fit for us. They are a loving couple that took us under their wings as they would their own children. They visited each attraction to evaluate it prior to our visit. Each selected was of the highest quality and secure.
Henry "the comedian" kept us smiling and comfortable throughout the week. Michelle kept him under control most of the time ;-). We loved them and hope to return one day to see more of the country. The beauty of Costa Rica speaks for itself, who you are with makes it special. And, special it was...
(42) Cecilia P.
Sun, 28 September 2014 16:10:56 +0000
Country:  USA   Visit date:    email

My vacation to Costa Rica was just what I needed. I wanted to relax. Henry and Michelle made sure I got what I wanted. The bungalow was an excellent place to be.
I could drink a good cup of coffee and observe nature each morning. The pool near by was also excellent. I never have a dull moment in Costa Rica!!! Thanks to Henry, Michelle and Kenia, my trips to Costa Rica are the highlight of my life.

(41) Leslye M
Fri, 19 September 2014 22:05:00 +0000
Country:  USA   Visit date:   

My husband and I decided to tour Costa Rica for our honeymoon and we booked through AAA tours. It was the best choice we made, the attention, detail, organization and excitement we experienced with Henry Campos was memorable. It was well spent money, and I would recommend anyone traveling to Costa Rica to book through AAA tours. They really show you the definition of their popular phrase, pura vida! anyone traveling to Costa Rica
(40) Paget S.
Sun, 17 August 2014 17:00:42 +0000
Country:  USA   Visit date:    email

Thank you so much, Henry and Michelle, for an unbelievable and never to be forgotten experience in CR! From volcanos to the jungle to the coast of the Caribbean Sea, it was an amazing and incredibly beautiful adventure. Your hospitality, knowledge, sense of humor, and positive and happy spirit only added to my excursion! Itinerary was obviously carefully planned, including lodging and meals. I absolutely loved every cottage/lodge, and there wasn't a meal that wasn't outstandingly delish!! I highly recommend AAA Tours. Whenever I think of Costa Rica, I will always think of Henry and Michelle. You're the best!!!
Pura Vida...and you're friend forever,

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