Photos & Videos of Costa Rica

Another really cool national park. somehow, here the animals looked more “chilled out and relax” so i had to use the “three little birds” song by Bob Marley Enjoy!

Costa Rica was on top of my list of places to see for a long time. this year, we finally managed to go there… and it was a DREAM! the wildlife is amazing, the people are so nice and kind, and the nature is definitely one of the top ten in the whole world.

Relax as you follow this sea turtle under water!…Enjoy

Rainforest… so yea.. rain. But lots of beautiful creatures though… butterflies… hummingbirds… but some rain too… but very little. Anyways, hope you enjoy this quick recap.

This has to be one of the best and the coolest Jungle Hike’s i have ever done in my life.  We spent almost 8 hours walking around the jungle, seeing so many beautiful creatures and so many beautiful trees, and loved every second of it.

La Fortuna waterfalls are really amazing! It looks and feels like something straight out of the movies (just like everything else in Costa Rica i guess we were there for a couple of days, and yes, a little rain and lots of fog, which was lovely though, perfect for the video 🙂

Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the smallest, but also one of the most famous national parks in Costa Rica.

Underwater photography is so relaxing and beautiful…Enjoy!

On our last day in Costa Rica, Caterina convinced me to go visit this animal rescue center, and I am really glad we did. Its such an amazing place, with amazing people Volunteering to take care of animals in need. Loved it. If you are ever in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, around Puerto Viejo, you need to go visit this place.

Butterflies in a private moment…Enjoy!