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We have a special offer for  September, October, November, 2014! The weather on the Caribbean beaches generally is great those months, specially October. This is a perfect vacation package for families or friends who want to have a great time in Costa Rica.

With the purchace of the Pure Costa Rica Package (click here to see the vacation pachage) you can choose two tours or activities for no extra cost. (the package is for a minimum of 4 people, if you are going to travel just 2 let us know to personalize the package) Includes: Private bungalows, private transportation, tours, some meals.

Your choices are:

  1. Horseback ride: 2 hours on horseback in one of  Costa Ricas beautiful rain forests.
  2. Pineapple farm tour: You will be visiting a pineapple farm  to learn about growing, harvesting and exporting pineapples. Costa Rica is one of the biggest pineapple producers in the world.
  3. Bird watching in Sarapiqui area: With more that 860 species of birds in Costa Rica you will enjoy looking for and observing the most rare birds in this area of the country.
  4. Bribri waterfall: A short hike in the Caribbean jungle to see this amazing waterfall.
  5. Indigenous tour: You will be visiting a indigenous family at their house and yard where you will learn about their customs, believes, medicinal plants and how they proccess  cocoa fruit to make chocolate.

Let us know what your choices are:  Pure Costa Rica Package, experience true hospitality … | AAA TOURS

Manzanillo Reserve, Caribbean side Costa Rica

In punta uva, Costa Rica

Caribbean beach, Costa Rica